The Best Blank Check Company Of The Bull Horn Holdings (NASDAQ: BHSEU)

Bull Horn Holdings company intends to capitalize on the expertise of its management team in sports. These are including sports franchises or assets related to sports franchises, and sports technology, entertainment, and brand sectors. They are intending to focus on leading sports, entertainment, and brand companies that have the potential for brand and commercial growth with enterprise values between $300 million and $900 million. CEO Robert Striar is the president of M Style, sports, entertainment, and consumer brand marketing agency. NBA Star Baron Davis is agreed to serve on Bull Horn Holdings’ board of directors. NASDAQ: BHSEU at is to generate attractive returns and create value for its shareholders by applying their strategy of identifying opportunities and capitalizing on the experience of our management team to acquire and manage a business. It can benefit from their management team’s global experience with teams, leagues, brands, and investments.

Sports and entertainment SPAC Bull Horn Holdings

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  • Bull Horn Holdings, a blank check company formed by the President of M Style and the CFO of Crown Global Insurance, filed on Monday with the SEC to raise to $75 million in an initial public offering.
  • The Miami Beach, FL-based company plans to raise $75 million by offering 7.5 million units at $10. Each unit consists of one share of common stock and one whole warrant, exercisable at $11.50.
  • Each warrant entitles the holder to purchase one-half of a share. At the proposed price, Bull Horn Holdings would command a market value of $94 million.
  • The company is led by CEO Robert Striar, who is Partner at Ceres Platinum and President of M Style, and CFO Christopher Calise, who is the President and CFO at Crown Global Insurance. The company is planning on targeting leading sports, entertainment, and brand companies that have the potential for brand and commercial growth.
  • Bull Horn Holdings was founded in 2018 and plans to list on the NASDAQ: BHSEU. Imperial Capital is the sole bookrunner on the deal.
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